It’s not easy to find an auto mechanic you can trust to talk straight to you and do quality work.  It takes a rare combination of skills, the right equipment and personal ethics.  I learned this  years ago and that’s why Sarah and I are committed to building relationships with our customers that are long term.  We don’t BS our clients or try to get them to do more work than is necessary. Instead, we believe in educating and helping our customers understand their cars and any work they may need or want to do on them.  We will only do the work we know we can do well with the equipment and skills we presently have and we won’t put any work on the back burner, leaving our customers anxious and concerned.  It is simple: we want to always be worthy of our customers trust. – Lewis Metz


LPM Automotive:  Our promise to you

  • Strong Communication Skills

LPM Automotive promises to communicate effectively with customers and honestly and clearly offer diagnosis and repair suggestions.  We won’t speak in complex technical jargon without translating it into understandable language for the customer to properly grasp.

  • Good Diagnostic Skills

LPM Automotive will strive to quickly identify the source of a problem and use diagnostic resources to assist in the process.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

LPM Automotive will always suggest possible ways of addressing problems and we will work quickly to find the best solution in a limited amount of time.

  • Solid Work Ethic

LPM Automotive will always honor a strong work ethic. We promise to act in honesty and respect your time and budget..

  • Strong Technical Aptitude

LPM Automotive will use a variety of technical tools to diagnose and address a wide variety of vehicular problems.  The field is continually changing and we will do our work to stay informed about these changes.

  • Certified

LPM Automotive believes in education. While certification is not a requirement of mechanics, it demonstrates a sense of motivation and  ensures that the mechanic  cares about the technologies and techniques in the industry.

  • Tool Inventory

LPM Automotive will always have an inventory of high-quality tools and will always master new tools as they become available.